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For Commercial, & residential house painting call: (916) 804-8806 Your premier painting contractors for the greater Elk Grove, 
& Sacramento, California areas. Quality cabinet refinishing & house painting with experienced painters! Dry-rot repairs, 
siding installation, deck rebuilding, Carpentry repairs and more! Licensed bonded and insured.


Quotes Alliance Painting has earned my business through excellence in their trade and professionalism. I will continue to contract with them in the future. Quotes
Mike Sherman
Owner - Woodcraft Fine Carpentry

Quotes They did a fine job painting my house and worked with me on colors and continued to follow up on all the things I wanted. Quotes
Anne Sedgwick
Real Estate

Quotes I really love what you did with our home. Thanks for everything. I'm glad I went with you- it looks fantastic! Quotes
Chet Templeton

Quotes Professional, reliable, affordable Quotes
Stephanie Mcguire

Quotes First they painted my rental home and then my family home. They did a great job painting both homes and in overcoming a number of challenges our 10,000 square foot home presents. Great job! Quotes
James Coppert
Aquisions - Eldorado Hills

Quotes They did a nice job for me and i am still very pleased with my house paint colors. Quotes
Victoria Fenning
Human Relations - Elk Grove, CA

Quotes Did a great job on my old Land Park home. I am very pleased with the results. Great House Painters! Quotes
Matthew Briley
Owner - Sacramento, CA

Quotes Todd was very helpful and made sure we put our colors on the right parts of the home to make it stand out and still look right. They even took my ugly green roof and painted it to match the trim color. Its awesome! I see you put our pictures on your website photo area. Again, thank you! Quotes
Seiji Cason
Hair stylist - Sacramento, CA

Quotes They did a great job repairing and painting the exterior of my home. Todd helped us with colors and was very patient with us. It turned out great. Their more than just house painters, their experts. Love the Red front screen door. Quotes
Matt Nguyen
UC Davis - Sacramento, CA

Quotes We love our new white cabinets. Beautiful finish in our kitchen, bathrooms and linen areas. Thank you for the work you did painting the bedrooms too. Very pleased. Quotes
Bret and Princess Snyder
Owner - Elk Grove, CA